To think about!


Relax, and let the love take over:

You can be all other animals.
Time travel is possible.Magic is real.
The subjects math and english taught in schools are useless, but if they are overcome, you gain great power.
Protection comes naturally.
Every thing can be done for ever if done according to rhythm.

Sleep is not necessary.
Eating is not necessary.
Breathing is not necessary.
You can breathe in water.
You can fly, levitate.

Falling is a tremendous release.
You can do it in a way that gives you zero pain.
You can over come pain.
You can control all of your emotions.
Aliens built the pyramids, stone henge.
Aliens gave us many inventions we use today.

Brushing your teeth is bad for you, if done in the way everybody else does it.
Isolation is not necessary for spiritual growth.
Spiritual growth is infinite.
Enlightenment never ends.
Love never ends.
Love is all there is.
Love is real.

You can exist everywhere at the same time.
Other dimensions exist.
Aliens exist.Spirits exist.
Drugs are good for you.
Time can be bent.

You can slow down time.
You can speed up time.
You can go back wards in time.
You can go for wards in time.
You can go through time.
You can travel to hidden dimensions, through out time.

Every thing is real.
No thing is real.
The truth is real.
Everything is real.
Nothing is real.
The truth is real.

The meaning of life is to have fun.
Every thing is fun.
The meaning of life is to en joy.
Everything is enjoyable.
Everything is life.

Life is a joy.
Life is a miracle.
Life is fascinating.
Life is everything.
Life is love.
Love is life.
Life is laughter.
Laughter is life.
Life is wonder.
Wonder is life.
We are all life.
We are all God.
God is everything.

God created the heaven, the moon, the sun, the earth, and the stars.
God created everything.We are all God.
You are God.I am God.
We are all God.
We are all one.
You are everything, and everything is you.
Everything is true.
It is all true.
Remember the truth.
It is all true.
Remember what is true.
It is all true.
You go from glory to glory, and it never ends.Life is better than you can even imagine.
Life is everything.
Life is love.

Text taken from Truth Contest website


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