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Before we start, we find it necessary to make a distinction between Religion and Spirituality.


We agree with Karl Marx when he said "Religion is the opium of people". Religion is like a drug who poisons the mind. Religion has always walked hand in hand with politics to validate the Status Quo and legitimise most of the inequalities and atrocities we unfortunately still keep seeing on our beautiful Planet today. The concept of "Hell and Heaven" is alien to us and the idea of a Supreme Being who punishes anyone or who participates or promotes war is totally incompatible with simple logic.

We believe that through our actions and our choices we are creating and shaping our future. So if there is a Hell or a Heaven, they must exist here on Earth and, of course, they are only the result of our actions.

We are sorry if we offend you in any way. We know we are making a bold statement but we feel it is a necessary one.


Spirituality is totally the opposite of Religion. To start, you do not kill in the name of Spirituality, you kill in the name of Religion. You do not need to be part of any Religion to be a Spiritual Human Being.

To be a Spiritual Human Being means to try to be and to live in equilibrium, not hate, be peaceful and respectful.

In music, the resulting sound of a musical cord is more than the simple addition of their individual notes and by analogy, our Being is more than the result of our body parts working together in synchronicity. Surely you can see, there is something on us that transcends our physical limits. The great Shakespeare rightly said: "There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy".

Although we recognize the transcendence nature of Human Beings we find totally irresponsible to rush into conclusions. We keep an open mind to any possible explanation and, of course, we are very interested to know the final truth and get the answers to the classical questions: Who we are, why we are here and where we go?

In our quest for knowledge we seriously ask ourselves: Is this the right path? Are we bending the truth to satisfy our ignorance?

As Descartes, we know for certain only one thing: "Cogito Ergo Sun" (I think therefor I am).

So, where we stand from here?

Well brothers, we relax and let our minds work for us. They have connections we are not even aware of. Together with the Plants, Animals, Rivers and Oceans we can help to restore our Planet's balance and purify the weak of Body, Mind and Spirit.

We know it's a big challenge and we know it's not easy to change our own ways but what is important is to know deep in our hearts we are doing our best.

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