Step 02 - Self Hypnosis


Self Hypnosis


1) Sit comfortably, lay down on the bed or on the carpet. If you find the floor too hard, please use some kind of cushioning. You can also stand. The important thing is to feel comfortable.

2) Please, do not cross your legs or arms. keep them relaxed apart.

3) Before starting any session, relax yourself as best as you can, empty your mind, let your body feel the moment and imagine your problems as they are incapsulated in a "picture" moving far away from you. Visualize the "picture" getting smaller and smaller until it disappears.

4) When you feel it is the right time, just click below on the Self Hypnosis player button.

5) When the Self Hypnosis session finishes do not rush back to your day-to-day life. Take it slowly, enjoy yourself.

6) You can repeat this Self Hypnosis session as many times as you wish.


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